In addition to an acoustically optimized room and trained ears, the sound monitor speaker builds the heart of every mastering studio.


Dance Mastering relies on the current S3H reference class from Adam Audio.

NS10 speakers are used as near-field loudspeakers in combination with a Glockenklang Bugatti amplifier.



For the actual mastering process we work HYBRID (analog & digital) to combine the best of both worlds.

On the analog side, mastering processors from Bettermaker, Solid Stage Logic /SSL, Rupert Neve WES Audio with digital converters (AD/DA) from Apogee are used.


On the digital domain we use tools from API, Black Box Analog Audio, Brainworx. Dangerous Music, Dear Reality, Denise Audio, Elysia, Empirical Labs, FabFilter, Fabrice Gabriel, Focusrite, Izotope, Kazrog, Leapwing, Lindell Audio, Maag, Manley, Mastering The Mix, Matthew Lane, Milennia, Newfangled Audio, Neve, Oek Sound, Pro Audio DSP, Pulsar, Pultec, Shadow Hills, Slate Digital, Softube, Solid State Logic (SSL), Sonnox, SPL, TC Electronic, UAD, Vertigo, Waves and Weiss, besides others.


Since every mastering has different requirements, 10 different brickwall limiters, countless compressors, EQs, or various saturation tools and analog tape simulations belong to the arsenal of dance mastering.

For a transparent depth graduation & stereo width, we rely on the so-called MS technology.

studio Specs


Apple Mac Pro 2019 16 Core

Adam Audio S3H

Apogee AD/DA Converter

Bettermaker Darth-Limiter

Brauner VM1 Microphone

Beyer Dynamics DT770Pro & DT 880Pro

BSS Omni Drive

Focal Subwoofer

Heritage Audio Ram 2000

Moog Sub Sequent 37

RME Digiface

Rupert Neve Portico 5042

Solid State Logic Fusion

TC Electronic Clarity M

UAD PCIe Card & Satellite

Universal Audio LA-610 MKII

VURM Analyzer

WES Audio Hyperion

WES Audio NG-Bus- Compressor

WES Audio Titan

Yamaha NS-10M

SOFTWARE (excerpt):

Logic Pro X

Ableton Live

FL Studio


Acustica Audio Div.

Amek EQ 200

Antares Autotune Pro

Arturia V-Bundle

Ben Schulz Analyzer & Oscillos Megascope

Bettermaker EQP

Black Box Analog Design- HG2

Brainworx Masterdesk

BX Console Focusrite

BX Console SSL 4000 E & G

Baby Audio Paral.Agressor

Cableguys Shaper Bundle

Celemony Melodyne

D16 div.

DadaLife div.

Dangerous Music BAX EQ

Dear Reality dear VR Pro

Denise Audio Div.

Eiosis Air EQ Premium & DeEsser

DSP Quattro

Elysia Div.

Empirical Labs Lil FrEQ

Empirical Labs Mike-E Comp

Exponential Audio Reverbs

Farbfilter Pro Bundle

Iceberg Audio The Sub

Izotope Insight 2

Izotope Nectar 3

Izotope Neutron 3

Izotope Ozone 9

Izotope RX 7 Bundle

Izotope Vocal Synth 2

Kazrog True Iron, Synth Warmer & K-Clip

Keilwerth Audio Avenger


Leapwing Audio DynOne,

StageOne & CenterOne 

Lennar Digital Sylenth

Mastering The Mix-

All Plugins

Matthew Lane DrMS

Meter Plugs Loudness- Penalty

Milennia NS-EQ2 & TCL-2

Native Instruments- Komplete Ultimate

Newfangled Elevate- Mastering Bundle

Oek Sound Soothe 2

Output All Plugins & Expansions

Pulsar MU & 1178

reFX Nexus 2

RJ Studio Sideminder

Reveal Sound Spire

Shadowhills Mastering-Compressor

Sigum Bute Loudness N. 

Sir Audio Standard Clip

Slate Digital div.

Softube Harmonics Analog- Saturation

Softube Monoment Bass & Lead & Paralles 

Softube Tape

Sonarworks Reference 4

Sonible Smart EQ 2 & Comp.

Sonnox Codec Toolbox

Sonnox Oxford Dynamics

Sonnox Oxford EQ

Sonnox Oxford Limiter

Sonnox Oxford Supresser

Soundtoys 5 Bundle

Spectrasonics Omnisphere

SPL Hawk Eye

SPL Iron

SPL Passeq

SSL 3G Bus Compressor

SSL Native Pack

Standalone Music Get Low

Summit Audio EQF100, TLA100A & Grand Channel

SynchroArts Vocaligne

Tokyo Dawn Labs div.

u-he Diva

UAD Ampex ATR102

UAD Empirical Labs Fatso

UAD Fairchild 670

UAD Manley Massive- Passive

UAD Neve 1081 & 88RS

UAD Pultec Bundle

UAD Studer A800

UAD Teletronix LA-2A

UAD UA1176

United PI Royal Compressor

UVI Shade

Vertigo VSM3

Voxengo div.

Waldorf Edition

WaveAlchemy Bassynth

Waves Platinum Bundle

Waves Abbey Road- Mastering Console

Waves Abbey Road Vinyl

Waves API 2500

Waves CLA Bundle

Waves GW Bundle

Waves Eddie Kramer PIE & Kramer Tape

Waves Ovox

Waves Puig Child Bundle

Waves SSL G Channel & Compressor

WavesFactory Track Spacer

WEISS Comp /Limiter



WEISS MM1 Mastering Max

Xferrecords Serum & OTT

Zynaptiq Adaptiverb