GuidEline /Preparation

For an optimal result, it is necessary to prepare the title for the mastering accordingly.


1) AUDIO FORMAT :  WAV, AIF (16 /24 /32 bit  / sample rate 44,1KHz (or higher)

2) PEAK LEVEL :  - 6 to - 3 dB headroom  

3) MASTER CHANNEL :  NO limiters /NO stereo widener effects



STEM MASTERING is recommended in most cases.

For this purpose, individual instrument groups (sub-groups) are grouped in busses before mastering and played out individually before delivery.


STEM MASTERING groups f.e.


1 : KICK  

2 : BASS






Compared to the classic stereo mastering, STEM MASTERING offers the advantage of having access to individual instrument groups, which gives you more possibilities to adjust individual sounds and optimize them for the final mastering.


A stereo master always represents a certain compromise. For this reason, stem mastering is usually the better choice to get the best out of a production.


Considering the amount of time and work involved in a music production, you should not save money on the decisive last instance.


However, there are also cases where stereo mastering is acceptable.


To be absolutely sure, you can get professional track feedback prior to the mastering under the menu item "TRACK CHECK".


The aim is to prepare the raw material in consultation with the mastering engineer and to eliminate possible mixing problems in advance.


Each mastering order includes up to 3 revisions. Further changes can be made at a small additional charge. We are not satisfied until you are !


There is also the possibility to add an additional master, which is optimized for streaming services like Spotify & Apple Music, etc.More information can be found here: PRICES



Each master is created individually and is NOT just processed through a preset template