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What good is the best song, the supposedly next big hit, or the most expensive production, if the title or the master does not sound right or is not loud enough and therefore not competitive?


If you want to compete in the music market, professional mastering is a must.


In addition to the creative aspect, the sound of a song is also decisive for success or non-success. In the end, it is also about presenting yourself on all relevant music platforms (such as Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud) and listening situations (such as a club/disco, living room, kitchen radio, or smartphone) in the best possible way.


The so-called mastering is always the last and at the same time decisive instance of music production. A very complex field in which only the highest quality tools and processors are used, and which requires a lot of experience and empathy.


It is exactly these requirements that Matthias Menck offers as a longtime audio engineer and music producer.


Since the mastering process of an electronic dance track is very different from conventional mastering, even professional and non-specialized mastering studios regularly work up a sweat when it comes to club and dance music.


As an active producer and DJ for many years, there is hardly a more experienced mastering engineer who has mastered the electronic genres in all their facets and varieties.


Whether it is House, Deep House, Tech House, Bass & Future House, Tropical, Electro, Techno, EDM, Trance, Goa, Trap Hip Hop or RnB, Matthias Menck knows exactly what it has to sound like and what it needs to do to achieve it.


Several Gold & Platinum awards, as well as international chart rankings such as US Billboard Charts speak for themselves.


Each master is created individually and is NOT just processed through a preset template


Universal Music / Warner Music / Sony Music / Edel Records /Ministry Of Sound / Kontor Records / Toolroom Records / Sirup Music / Embassy Of Music / Tiger Records / Pinkstar Records / WePlay Music / Tonspiel /Pyro Records / RUN DBN /Housesession Records / Ego Records / Ibiza Global Radio / Time / Rise / Scorpio Music / Central Station / Defenitive / Blanco Y Negro / Egoiste / Houseworx / Kingdome Kome / D-Tracks / Interlabel / Group +39 / Wormland Gold / Groovejet / Protocol / Mehr Musik / Pervert Records /Paradox ...

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