Matthias Menck

Dipl. Audio & Mastering Engineer Matthias Menck has been at the forefront of electronic club & dance music for three decades, drawing on a wealth of experience that enables him to always get the most out of his clients' titles.


Each track is individually edited and not just processed through a preset template.


In addition to his work as a music producer, Menck also benefits from his many years of experience as a DJ and his passion for electronic music. He is always up to date and knows exactly what a track in the club has to sound like.


Sometimes an additional soundcheck /listening in Menck's Resident Club can provide clarity. can access a Funktion One club sound system as a reference at any time.


The greatest skill and at the same time the biggest hurdle that many dance producers and even professional (non-specialized) mastering studios have to overcome is the harmonious relationship between kick drum and bass.

The bottom and main element of every dance track.

If this is not carried out correctly, the whole song will not work.


Especially with "Bedroom Producers" who only have small monitor loudspeakers or even mix via headphones, problems are pre-programmed.


Whether it is House, Deep House, Tech House, Bass & Future House, Tropical, Electro, Techno, EDM, Trance, Goa, Trap Hip Hop & RnB, Menck knows exactly what it has to sound like and what it needs to do to achieve it.


Several Gold & Platinum awards, as well as international chart rankings such as US Billboard Charts speak for themselves.


Each master is created individually and is NOT just processed through a preset template