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Ordering a mastering is very easy and takes place online.

Step 1:

Just fill in the upload form (below) with your name, email address, title name and a short description of your order and upload the title or stems to our server.

 It is also possible to send a reference track or your own master as a sound sample.

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Step 2:

Select the desired service and choose one of the listed payment options. A list of our services can be found here: PRICES

We offer all methods of payments like Paypal, credit card or bank transfer.




Important: Please have a look at the Guidline /Preparation section under before uploading your music.


If you have any questions, please use the contact form or send us an email to info(at)


Each master is created individually and is NOT just processed through a preset template

Mixing & Mastering


High End Analog Mastering Chain 

I.T.B. Mastering

Unlimited Revisions

  (price on request)

0,00 €

  • Available

Stereo Master


High End Analog Mastering Chain 

I.T.B. Mastering

 Up to 3 revisions/changes included.

153,51 €

  • Available

STEM Master

STEM MASTERING (recommended) 129,00€

High End Analog Mastering Chain 

I.T.B. Mastering

Up to 3 revisions/changes included

236,81 €

  • Available

Streaming Master


for Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube.. 9,00€

10,44 €

  • Available

Track Check

TRACK CHECK / Mix Feedback 9,00€

(recommended when ordering a mastering) 

With or without mastering order. You will receive professional feedback on your production and suggestions for improvement to get the best possible mastering result.

10,44 €

  • Available


Ambisonic /Immersive /Spatial Audio



We bring your title or your production into an impressive virtual reality & space.

288,84 €

  • Available

Create your project here and upload your tracks /stems: