Immersive Audio

IMMERSIVE audio! we GONNA bring your production into the spatial immersive audio format.


8D-Music is a trend, with an enormously growing fan base, which impresses the listener with the great depths and spatial variations of the 360 ° sound.

8D-Music: movement in sound

8 D-Music is an audio type with which you can listen to music, dialogues, or noises from 8 different directions. These types of sounds, also known as Ambisonic Audio, are mainly used for VR (Virtual Reality) programs to create a realistic experience. For this reason, you can find this e.g. in games /film /TV /web and commercials, and more recently in music productions.


This music trend is becoming increasingly popular on the Internet because of the depth and movement of the sound, which can also be clearly heard with standard headphones.

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